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Are you struggling to manage your growing business using old outdated processes?

In need of inspiration to refine your Marketing approach to adapt to changes in the market?

Looking for ways to improve Profit Margins and manage your pricing more effectively?

Fed up of constantly reacting and firefighting, and would rather be in a more Proactive position ?

RRed Consultancy, Brand & Marketing Consultancy for SME's

As the owner of an established SME, you are adept at wearing multiple hats to deal with the variety of challenges on a daily basis.

Each new contract may bring with it a number of new challenges, in addition to your existing workload of managing staff, resources, marketing, sales and lest we forget balancing the books to ensure a healthy cashflow to cover all your growing costs.

As your company grows, you become so focused on delivering results, reacting to issues as they arise whilst ensuring a steady flow of new leads. You have limited spare capacity to refine your processes to accommodate for this growth, which usually leads to work arounds that may work, but only for a short while as a stopgap.  And when it comes to your Marketing and Brand strategies, these become diluted over time too, since you have less time to focus on and refine them.

Having a strong understanding of the challenges that  SME's face during rapid growth phases, I am well placed to help you identify the key risk areas, and provide targeted solutions that align with your immediate and long term goals. Helping you to build a more agile structure, streamline processes, refine your pricing strategy and  build a flexible approach to your Marketing strategy that you can implement quickly and easily. Giving you back the time to focus your efforts on driving your business forward rather than firefighting.

An initial consultation will give us the perfect opportunity to get to know one another, explore your needs and discuss the ways in which I can support you to take your Business to the next level.  

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SME's I recently worked with say:

Barry Oats, Commercial Director at ISFY International Ltd

"I have known and worked with Renda for a number of years and have recently appointed her company, RRED Consultancy to manage and run all our Social Media activity and communications.  


To date, no regrets, a true professional in all she does "

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