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I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customised to fit your Business needs.  

What makes me different is my broad range of expertise across all areas of the Business in combination to a specialism in Brand & Marketing strategies. This means I am uniquely placed to deliver a more comprehensive service.  Providing you with the solutions you need to resolve your challenges quickly and effectively.

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Brand Strategy

Fed up of spending time and money on Marketing activities with little return?

Bamboozled by Marketing Jargon and unsure of the best channels to use to promote your business?

If you would like to achieve Brand Consistency across all your Customer Touchpoints.  And a Marketing strategy that includes the best mix to support your business goals, then it's time to stop using a scatter approach to your marketing.

Optimising your Marketing Strategy and Brand positioning is the key driver to attracting New Customers and cultivating loyal Brand Ambassadors who will drive growth for your business in the future.

Find out how I can help you focus your time and money for the best return.​

Product Strategy

Unsure of which products are your most profitable?

Overwhelmed with the number of products in your portfolio?

Unprofitable products are a constant drain on your resources and deliver little return.

As your Business grows, your portfolio will need to adapt and grow to meet changing Customer demands. 

Identifying the trends, staying ahead of competition, positioning products strategically and removing items that drain your resources are all imperative aspects to a healthy Product Portfolio.

Whether you need support in optimising your supply chain, or need a fresh perspective to refine your existing Product range, I can help.

Find out how I can help you manage your Product Range more profitably

Pricing strategy

Could you be losing Margin unnecessarily?

Is your Pricing Strategy agile enough to react to market changes?

As the key driving factor of your revenue and profit, your pricing strategy is vital to the long term sustainability of your Business and your Cashflow.

Having a robust Pricing Strategy, that allows you to adapt quickly, whilst maintaining a healthy Profit Margin will give you the agility to pivot your Business and meet any changes in the market.

If you need support to analyse your current Pricing Strategy and refine it further to give you the peace of mind and structure that will drive your Bottom Line.  Or would like to develop dynamic calculation and reporting files to better manage and maintain it in the future, I can help.

Find out how I can help you optimise your Pricing Structure

Data Analytics

Drowning in Data and need a simple and easy way to get the insight you want?

Want to make more informed decisions and plan more effectively in the future but don't know where to start?

Your data is the most valuable resource you have to provide the insight you need to make informed and strategic decisions.

If you need to stay on top of your finances, manage your costs effectively, understand your sales trends in order to invest in the most profitable areas, then getting to grips with your data is a key first step.

Whether you need intuitive reporting dashboards, databases or just help with managing how you see and work with your data, I can help.

Get in touch to see how I can de-mystify the numbers and make reporting simple and easy to manage.

Operational Improvements

Are your processes documented, updated and ready for unforeseen changes?

Are you over reliant on staff knowledge of their specific processes... what would happen if they left?


Market dynamics are constantly evolving, and so should your business processes. As many companies recently discovered during Lockdown. Having processes aligned and documented is vital when staff were suddenly furloughed or working remotely.


Whether you need help to map out all your processes and build a log of standard operating procedures for legacy planning and disaster recovery situations, or you need help to identify possible bottlenecks that could be streamlined to optimise productivity, I can help.

Get in touch to see how I can help you streamline and document your processes 

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