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Are you struggling to find ways to pivot your business and adapt in the current climate?

In need of inspiration to refine your Marketing approach and raise your Brand awareness?

Looking for ways to improve Profit Margins and manage your costs?

Fed up of getting advice and strategy models that just don't apply to YOU?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Welcome to RRed!


My diverse skill set and depth of knowledge across all areas of the business give you access to a much broader set of services in just one place.  Meaning you get more value for your investment, and proven solutions to move your Business forward, not just focus on one specific element.

Why choose RRed?

Your Brand is formed by the customer's perception of every interaction and experience they have with you. It is the key driver to acquiring and retaining those customers. Stands to reason then, that it is only as strong as it's weakest link.

From consistency across all Customer Touchpoints, well structured Products and Services that offer clear value, to a Price structure that delivers competitive positioning while maintain healthy Margins.  Every aspect is a key part of that bigger picture.  Aligning every aspect from the Customer's perspective is vital to the success of any Business.


That is why identifying and limiting any inconsistencies should be one of your key priorities.


Easier said than done though!  Being so close to the Business, it becomes a part of you and we can never spot our own weaknesses as easily as an outsider can.

With over 20 years experience of doing just that for several Businesses from various sectors across the UK and Internationally. I have gained a wealth of expertise and knowledge that gives you the peace of mind in knowing what I provide comes from real experience and not theory.  And the added advantage that my services will not just focus on one single element but positively impact your entire Business model.


Who do I work with?

Since day one, I’ve been assisting individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their unique objectives.

I’ve worked with industry-leading Corporations, SME's and Solopreneurs.  My approach is scalable, here are some examples:

RRed Consultancy, Brand & Marketing for Solopreneurs


As a Solopreneur, you will be the master of juggling several spinning plates.  Having sole responsibility for the direction of your business can be rewarding in so many ways, but it can equally be very lonely and daunting at times.  Especially in the areas that are outside of your expertise.

Click here to find more about how I can help you make that journey a little easier.

Small to Medium Business Owners

RRed Consultancy, Brand & Marketing Consultancy for SME's

As the owner of an established SME, you are adept at wearing multiple hats to deal with the variety of challenges on a daily basis.  Leaving your with limited spare capacity to refine your processes to accommodate for this growth, let alone revisit your Marketing strategy.


Take a look at how I can help you set up the foundations you need to limit the need for constant fire fighting and reactive workarounds that only work for a short while.


RRed Consultancy, Brand & Marketing Consultancy for Corporate

The complexity of balancing the challenges of maintaining and delivering growth on an already optimistic budget, whilst maintaining Brand guidelines and adhering to corporate governance and SOX compliance can at times seem impossible to achieve.

Find out how I can support your organisation with a broad skill set to deliver targeted solutions effectively and efficiently.


What people say about working with me

Victoria Wilson, Founder of  Smile Revolution

"I had the fortune of receiving a recommendation to contact Renda to support my marketing.

From my first telephone call it became apparent Renda was different from other marketing consultants.  She was open to listen and understand exactly what I needed for my business and work with my budget.


It has been an absolute joy to work with Renda from the beginning and I look forward to continuing to work with her"

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All Videos
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How to stand out on Social Media - Choosing the right Imagery

How to stand out on Social Media - Choosing the right Imagery

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A good place to start when planning to Pivot your Business

A good place to start when planning to Pivot your Business

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A quick guide to structuring Sales Promotions

A quick guide to structuring Sales Promotions

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